Friday, February 20, 2009

Graham's 4 month stats

Graham had his 4 month appointment - he's doing just great, and is still huge! Right now he is wearing 9 month size sleepers because he is so long.

Length: 27 1/4" (off chart)
Weight: 17lbs 1oz (95%)
Head: 44 1/4 cm (95%)

He is a very happy baby and the only time he's grumpy is when he is tired. Now, if I could only figure out our new sleep issues... *sigh*!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random December '08 and January '09 Pics

I am SO behind in posting pictures that I decided to dump a bunch of cute pics into one post. These were all taken in December '08 or January '09. Enjoy!

1/20/09 - Graham takes the Exersaucer for a spin

He immediately wanted to shove something - anything! - into his mouth

Liam showing him the ropes

Cool dude!

Hey baby! (The whole time I was taking pictures Liam was standing behind me screaming for me to take *his* glasses off of the baby...)

01/02/09 - Adorable onesie and hat made by my e-friend Anna - pretty cute, eh? And she totally nailed my color preferences!

Liam helping Adam with some work assignments

12/27/08 Daddy and Graham having a little chat

Ha! Good one!


12/22/08 - Don't tell Adam I posted a picture of him sleeping - but isn't this cute?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Crunching the numbers

Liam and Graham have both had some well-baby visits that I haven't shared. In November Graham was 1 month old and Liam was 2 years old - here's how they were doing:

Liam - 2 years old
Weight: 27 1/4 lbs
Height (standing - so shorter than if he'd been on his back): 33 inches

Graham - 1 month old
Weight: 11lbs 11oz
Height: 23 3/4 inches

Then Graham had his 2 month appointment in December. He was pronounced a very happy, healthy little boy (no surprise, he's a very easy baby - thank goodness!)
Weight: 13lbs 12oz
Height: 25 1/4 inches

For comparison, when Liam was 2 months old...
Weight: 11lbs 2oz
Height: 23 1/4 inches

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

We spent Christmas Eve day 2008 with family. In the morning, our favorite photographer Kevin came by to take pictures (those will be in another post) and after that we enjoyed a big feast, as one should on such an important day.

Trying on picture-day outfits before the big event. Liam, as always, found a pair of shoes to obsess over.

Aww! The boys in matching vests, courtesy of GM's knitting skills.

Darn it, Graham lost his neck again!

The Tree, the loot, the stockings (again, thanks to GM's mad knit skillz)

Aunt Leesa getting down & dirty with the boys in the playroom while Aunt Jill helps Abby ride the horsie

Aunt Leesa getting smothered in boy love

Does it get any better than this?

Pajama train! Only missing member is Graham, who was sleeping.

Eric enthusiastically hugging a not-so-sure Liam while mellow Evan looks on

Liam enjoying a spin in Grandma Roo's heels

My lovely husband carving the pork roast

Grandma Roo with the giant baby, Jill enjoying some chocolate log, and Bruno playing with puppets

Aunt Pickle helping big head baby check out the scene

Liam eating cake. Not sure how many slices he had, but who's counting?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Early Christmas 2008 with Grandpa and Vivian

Here are some pictures from our early Christmas celebration with Grandpa and Vivian.

Liam, Grandpa, and Graham

It is impossible to get everyone looking *normal* in a picture with kids!

Books! Yay! Thanks Grandpa!

Liam eating one of 400 cookies he had that night - they are a special tradition, something Niki and I enjoyed as girls. I'm sure if you go back to last Christmas you can see Liam eating them last year, too. We are too proud to show pictures of us adults snarfing down cookies while covered in powdered sugar!

A very rare family shot, with everyone clean and dressed. Wow!

One more, just cuz

Liam is now permanently attached to Niki's boyfriend Bill, having swallowed his toddler-bait necklace.

Grandpa and Graham watching the tickle fun going on next door

Vivian and no-neck Graham

Vivian, Graham, and Grandpa. How cute!

Graham keeping Vivian amused

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

We went with Sean, Cheryl and their kids to the local Christmas tree farm to pick and cut down our tree. Liam really enjoyed it, and Graham snoozed in the Baby Bjorn the whole time.

Liam reluctantly posing with Mom and sleeping Graham

Who's the mystery man in the shades and yellow hat?

Looking for the perfect tree with Daddy

Walking with Daddy to get some hot cider

Monday, November 24, 2008

Chocolate covered cuteness

Dad and Niki (Aunt Pickle) came over for dinner - we had a great time, and as you can see so did Liam! Also, Liam had a new haircut on Saturday, right before we met up with Adam's family for dinner at the Japanese Steakhouse (I have one picture that I need to scan in - it was a blast!) Many thanks to Aunt Pickle for taking these great pics!

Check out Liam's new 'do! Yes, I put some gel in his hair!

Hey YOU! Bring me all your chocolate!

No Grandpa, I will not share!

Nothing like a sugar high to make a toddler happy!

Mmmmmmm.... chocolate.........

Grandpa protecting his shirt from the carnage

Whoa! What's that on my face?!

I just don't know how it happened!

Grandpa drew the short straw and had to do cleanup duty...


Ohhh... presents! Grandpa and Aunt Pickle were nice enough to bring Liam birthday gifts... this has been the most drawn-out 2 year old birthday yet! Hmm, I hope he doesn't expect this every year!

Daddy and Grandpa helping Liam read a new book... note how Grandpa is expertly holding Graham with one arm!

Grandpa and Liam reading

CAKE! Liam has been bugging me for cake, and I felt guilty because I didn't make him one, so I make him a few cupcakes... nothing nearly as extravagant as last year!

Liam blew out both candles all by himself - it was so cute!

Retiring to the playroom for a cuddle after dinner

Here's tired old MomPhotobucket

BONUS PIC.... Graham has been smiling, laughing, and cooing a lot lately... it is so adorable! Unfortunately this isn't a great picture but at least you can see him laughing and go "awww...."!